Thursday, December 6, 2007

Adorable Affordable Wrapping Paper!

Here is a great way to create your own wrapping paper. Purchase a large roll of white paper or craft paper. You can find these at Walmart or Target in the area you'd find shipping supplies. These have a lot more paper per roll, are a lot sturdier and are a LOT less expensive! Draft your toddlers / preschoolers to doodle away with washable paint. To maintain a Christmas Feel ... I do limit my kiddo to green and red. (I know, not very creatively free considering I was an art major!) Also, add glitter and a little Elmers to the paint for added sparkle. If you want you can spray it with a clear sealer, but I generally don't. Wrap your gifts and tie with red or green yarn ... also very affordable from Michael's or Walmart. Plus ... good, clean, fun, entertainment for the kids! These two masterpieces were created by Ripley and his friend Ella. Another great idea is to take all of those adorable coloring & painting creations they produce mountains of -- and quarter fold them into cards!

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