Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin-Orange Marmalade Recipe

When I went to use the three sugar pumpkins that my little garden produced my husband brought up -- with twinkling eyes -- that his mom used to make pumpkin jam and he loved it. Well, you KNOW I just had to try it, right? First, I tried a recipe that I'd found off of Rosa's Yummy Yums that came out pretty well, but a little runny and not perfect. Next, after friends came over with their Portuguese Mother's Pumpkin-Orange Jam I tried to make that. (I had no idea that Pumpkin Jam was a Portuguese thing. Who knew?) I think it came out well! As usual, I used several recipes to come up with this one. Here it is:
Pumpkin-Orange Marmalade Recipe
1 pound pumpkin puree (steam pumpkin chunks in water until tender, then puree in food processor)
2 1/2 cups sugar (Fannie Farmer says that for each cup of fruit you should have 3/4 C sugar - I estimated and used a little less)
2 T honey
Shake cinnamon
2 oranges very thinly sliced, then cut into tiny wedges about 1/2" wide
pinch salt
Stir Pumpkin and Oranges together and let it set overnight in the fridge. (two recipes suggested this, so I did it --- sigh.) Next day put all ingredients together in a heavy sauce pan and stir while the sugar dissolves and the liquid reduces. Fannie Farmer says that Jams / Jellies etc., should get to 8 degrees over the boiling point of water to be sure it "sets". I had a hard time reaching that temperature without getting scalded to death by hot jam bubbling and popping out of the pan. But, I did my best and it is nicely set.
Now, if you are going to can this jam and store it on a shelf to use at a later date -- you need to go through the whole sterilizing of the jars and then probably even a pressure canner / water bath. I doubt the 2 oranges add enough acid to skip that step -- so I'd say go for it. (I'm new at the canning thing.) HERE is a good description on how to can plain old pumpkin -- it should be a good guide.
I was over at my Mother-in-Law's house this weekend and asked her about her pumpkin jam recipe -- I'll try that and let you know how it goes. Enjoy!


Kristi said...

Mmmm this sounds so good!

Anonymous said...

Had an orange pumpkin jam served with cheese in Florence Italy recently and it was amazing. I want to try this! At what point do discard the orange rind? Before heating?