Monday, February 25, 2008

Oil Bill

Ok guys ... I'm a little demoralized. I just received our oil bill. If you remember, I reprogrammed our thermostats cutting down our night time temps drastically and lowered our day time temps from 68 degrees to 66 degrees. I also had our furnace cleaned and tuned. It's been a major stretch for me (I'm always cold) often dressed with wool sweater, wool socks, Uggs, wool hat, and sometimes even a scarf ... INDOORS! Well, accounting for the two extra days in this months bill versus last months and the slight increase in oil ... if the oil price had stayed the same I would have saved a whooping 95 cents a day!! However, the oil price went up, and this month I ended up paying $22.67 MORE. 95 cents may sound encouraging to you, however, let me tell you, there were some days I would have gladly payed $2 a day just to take off the hat and scarf! Help! What do you think?! Should I cave and go back up 2 degrees? I guess ultimately, if oil prices had stayed the same, I would have saved $29.45. That's pretty good. Right??

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