Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello from Nantucket Sound!

We have been blessed to be invited aboard my parent's boat "Tut". Currently we are en route to Nantucket. The weather is beautiful. My boys are sitting beside Gramp "helping" him to navigate, Mom aka Grandmama is reading her latest Diana Gabaldon book The Fiery Cross (which I am working on too incidentally after having just finished The Boelyn Inheritance), Victor is outside soaking in the sun. I'd load a picture for you, but Victor's laptop doesn't seem to have a photocard slot. Odd.
This weekend I am running in the Little Compton Road Race - a whopping 4.7 miles, which for me is all of the challenge I need. I've been running a comfortably paced 5 miles every other day so that I won't be in shock when it comes time for the Road Race. Wish me luck!

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