Monday, August 3, 2009

The Month in Review

Every Tuesday night is "Family Night". At my parent's condo there is a kid-friendly event and buffet dinner. It's a low maintainence evening that gives us all the chance to spend time together and if the weather is nice, catch a swim in the pool before hand. It has become a tradition to take a picture of all of the grandchildren sitting together on the couch. It's quite a production -- getting all of those kids to smile at the same time. I should video all of the adult shinanigans we go through and post it on You Tube for a good laugh.
Reese, Ripley, Rosalie, Benjamin and Spencer
An impromptu back massage chain. I think Mom is enjoying hers the most.

The Beach:
We are blessed to have a tiny "bungalow" a short walk away from the beach where we stay all summer long.
The best part of our summer is when friends come to visit and enjoy the outdoors along with us.
Isn't it lovely?
Ripley and Ian
Michail and Benjamin
Victor and Sandy
Sandy and Michelle
The traditional ending to a wonderful summer evening with friends . . . The Roasting of Marshmallows.

Our Friends Vivian and Jacob rented a little place close by for several days . . . It was wonderful to have dear friends around town to "play with".

It is a photograph like this that keeps me at home. I love that my children have time in the summer to read, relax and play -- unstructured, creative.
The Fourth of July
Ripley and Rosalie

Road Race:
Benjamin, Ripley and I ran in the local Road Race.
The kids ran the "Fun Run" and I ran the 4.8 miler.
Here I am with some of my running buddies.
Courtnee, Susan, Chris, Vivian and Sandy

The Garden:
It has not been a banner year for gardening. We have had record rainfall for both June and July. July's record was blown away by 2 inches. We just haven't had a lot of hot sun.

I was however, able to harvest a bunch of carrots!

I harvested the balance of my garlic, braided it and allowed it to cure hanging up in the garage.
It tastes great! Success!
The Bees:
Although I don't have recent photos of my bees, I'll give you the brief low-down.
My right hive is thriving. In spite of the weather. I have a full box of honey on top of my right hive, it's busy and packed full of happy honey bees.
My left hive is not so happy. I put some sugar water on last week to give them an extra boost, because up here a lot of people have had to feed them all summer so far. They are starving. I have my faithful bee friend Diane coming over to take a look at this hive. I want to be sure the queen is in there and laying well enough. I'm concerned that the pattern of eggs being laid was poor -- but I certainly can't profess to be an expert at this point! Fewer bees, less progress building out comb in the honey super, and a lot less activity in front of the hive. Stay tuned!

Sorry for being out of touch. Where we stay in the summer (I visit our Rehoboth home once a week and race around like a mad woman trying to get things done) we have only our cell phones, no cable, no internet, and only one t.v. station through old fashioned rabbit ears. The good news is, we are all doing a lot of reading! I've just finished: The Reader, Sarah's Key, Empire Falls and The Help. Our book club picked a 'light read' for August -- so I've just started Twilight albeit a bit half-heartedly. It's quite the rage, so there must be something to reading about vampires . . . right?

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