Friday, July 10, 2009

My First Garlic Harvest

As I have noted, it's been rainy around here. I've read that some people have harvested their garlic early for fear of it rotting underground. You are supposed to harvest your garlic when 50% of the leaves turn brown. I planted three different varieties, so as it just so happens they are browning up at different speeds. I decided to harvest my first variety called: Stuil. All of my varieties are hard neck because I had read that these varieties do better in my colder climate. I may try a soft neck variety next year, just for kicks.

Here is my harvest!
My brother Scott (the photographer) quickly printed off directions for braiding garlic off the Internet. If you have ever made a french braid before, that's how you braid garlic. Of course the green / brown stems are stiffer than hair, but after awhile I got the hang of it.
You lay your next stem of garlic down parallel with the next group of stems to be pulled across to the middle.

It may not be the prettiest braided garlic ever, but not bad for my first effort.
I hung it up in my garage, and let me tell you, as you walk towards the garage door, it smells like a garlic festival is underway.


geisme said...

Yum-O~ I love garlic!!! :)

Michelle said...

Boy, for your first looks darn good!!

Yay for garlic!!