Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grilled Romaine, Asparagus & Onions, and BEES

My girlfriend Vivian has gotten me into this strange dish: Grilled Romaine. 
Sounds odd, I know. But really it's delish!
What to do: Start up the grill. Drizzle olive oil on both sides of a rinsed head of romaine (do your best). Don't chop so much off the end that the head comes apart. Then add salt and pepper. Throw it on the grill.
I'd say I grill it about 5 minutes each side on medium heat. Use tongs to flip over. 
Drizzle a little extra olive oil on top and EAT! Sounds strange, but it's yummy. Throw a few crumbles of feta or blue cheese on top if you like. Lots of freshly ground pepper.
Here are fried onions with braised asparagus fresh from my garden. Just fried up in a little olive oil, salt and pepper. 
My bees were going bonkers yesterday. Orientation flights in the afternoon. It was crazy over there!!
See the butt of the honey bee sticking out of this apple blossom?


African Bliss said...

I follow your blog from South Africa and am an amateur beekeeper.I see that you have 2 and sometimes 3 brood boxes on top of each other and then a supers, with what seems like an entry hole on top as well. Is this so...? and do you use a queen separator. Are the brood boxes used for brood only or do you use them for honey production. Great Blog.Regards Dino

Sandy said...

Hello from the United States! The 3rd box that you see in this post is a honey super left over from the fall that I left on because the honey wasn't 'done' yet and winter was coming. Plus, it's good for the bees. Here of course we have to deal with shutting things down for wintertime. : ) Because bees tend to just keep heading UP over the wintertime, they did have some brood in that top box. But when I went in recently I switched the main two brood boxes to encourage them to get their act back together before our main honey flow. I don't use a queen excluder only because my bee club discouraged it, better to have a little brood (temporarily) in your honey than to risk a swarm when they feel crowded. (I'm only a year old in bee keeping so I still stick with this 'beginners' advice.) The top holes you see are my inner covers -- the very shallow boxes are feed boxes -- sugar syrup -- to build them up as there isn't a whole lot going on just yet for flowers. we are getting there though!! Thanks for reading.

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