Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Food For Thought

Do you know that the average distance your food travels to get to you is 1200 miles? Wow. Think about all of the gas / energy that was used to get your food to you. Wow. So, if you are doing your best to recycle when you can, turning off your lights when not in use, driving less ... have you thought about eating locally? Here is my beautiful new locally raised turkey that I just picked up from Belwing Turkey Farm in Seekonk, MA. The true meaning of "fresh", packed on ice, wrapped in parchment paper and carried from the farm to my car. Wow. If you are from this area, there is also another local turkey farm in Rehoboth, MA called Rainbow Turkey Farm. Eat Locally. 1200 miles?? Enjoy! Happy Baking!

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a. borealis said...

Beautiful!! How much per pound did that baby cost? Locally raised free-range turkeys in our area are going for 1.50 a pound. We haven't gotten one yet (mostly because I'm such a novice in the Bird Roast Arena), but I've been thinking about it.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on eating locally...that is my goal, to move closer and closer to it until that is the Norm. What an amazing movement!! I think it will have a far-reaching ripple effect.