Thursday, November 29, 2007

Line Drying my Laundry - INDOORS

Here is my .... clean laundry ... for everyone to see! Some of you may know that my sister-in-law started drying her clothes indoors (during the cold months) in an effort to live GREEN. Inspired by a series she heard God is Green by Mars Hill. See By not using her electric dryer four loads out of five she reduced her electric bill by 40%. (Two months in a row) Wow. When she told me, I jumped in. (I've never been so excited to see my electric bill ... it's due and it just doesn't seem to come!) A few of you have inquired about the logistics of doing such a thing -- especially if space is limited. Here are a few things I've learned: If you keep up with your laundry and simply do one load a day, almost everything fits onto two racks. My other sister-in-law who is giving this a try here and there and has limited space says that if you put your laundry out in the evening, it's pretty much dry by morning. So, you don't have to look at it all day. I'll let you know how my electric bill looks when it comes . . .


a. borealis said...

What pretty floors and walls! I miss that about our house in Minneapolis (we moved in July). It is hard to start over, especially when you move somewhere with gag-me wallpaper and wall-to-wall carpeting.

Good idea! Impressive, too, that so much is saved in electricity. We've always dried our diapers indoors, but haven't ventured to the rest of the laundry. Maybe we should!

I've heard of Mars Hill...funny that you guys are influenced by them, on the completely opposite side of the country. Where did you hear of them? Online, or does your SIL live in Seattle?

Sandstone said...

The Pastor of our church played a few of Rob Bell's incredible, thought prevoking video clips from you can play some entirely online, others you just get a tantilizing clip. They are awesome. My brother started downloading his weekly podcasts from the church he preaches at ... MarsHill. If you haven't checked it out, their 5 part series titled "God is Green" is fab! -- Glad you liked the looks of the beef stew recipe -- hope you like it! ps - just started Animal Vegetable miracle today -- my sister-in-law is most the way through and loves it. Thanks for the recommendation. Kingsolver's fiction is wonderful if you haven't read them. -sandy