Friday, November 21, 2008

Cold November Morn'

It's 15 degrees below normal here. Last night it was in the low 20's.
Here is a picture of one of my cold frame windows. BBbbrrrrrrrr . . .
Inside, my spinach is feeling the chill. It was just above freezing inside the cold frame.
My cold-loving kale is looking very droopy and is planning a trip to Virginia.
My boys know how to play (just say "no" to video games and television).
Here are two of Benjamin's creations.
When I say "go play" this is what he comes up with.
Ripley follows along and helps out his older brother.


Kristi said...

Oh it looks so cold!!! It was in the upper 70's here yesterday. It's a little colder today. Keep warm!!!

The Domestic Goddess said...

Not that I don't enjoy your posts in general, but we're getting near Thanksgiving here. 'Fess up, girl, what are the recipes you use? (I'm particularly interested in a stuffing recipe)