Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's finally here, November 4th! Don't forget to exercise your right to vote today. If you are able, go during lower traffic times -- after 9am and before 5pm. I pretty much keep to myself about my political point of view ... well trained New Englander that I am ... unless you know me well and get me going! (you know who you are) But I for one will be glad when this whole election thing is over along with the stress and mudslinging and news addiction. It makes me uncomfortable when people seem to be at waring views with each other -- neighbor against neighbor with all of their opposing lawn signs (which thankfully in our little development we don't have any of). While I certainly have my own opinions I just wish we could work through this process in peace. But, alas, I guess it's just part of the process. So, do your duty, go and vote, and go in peace. What will be, will be. But, if you don't vote -- remember, you don't have any "bitchin' rights".


a. borealis said...

I have similar feelings about the whole thing: there is so much animosity amongst the rabid. It is hard to want to talk about anything political (for me, at least) because 1) being "truly" informed seems like a full-time job, and 2) you'll get jumped by every side, no matter what your views seem to be. It is really hard. I am also looking forward to the completion of this voting season.

And I will be voting. =)

The Domestic Goddess said...

At the very least, vote so you can get your free Starbucks coffee. You can get a free Ben & Jerry's cone too, but you have to go to Boston. In a lot of countries, you risk your life to vote. Here in the US, you get a free coffee. Don't you just love America?
In all seriousness, what ever the outcome, I take comfort in the fact that God is still in control and not wringing his hands.

Sandy said...

Yea Voters! I think the most frustrating thing for me has been feeling pressured to think a certain way. If you are in a certain "people group" you MUST vote this way -- Like I don't have the right to weigh all of the issues and make a decision based on the fact that I agree with more of the issues of one candidate versus another. The other thing that got me down was feeling like we were back at the Salem Witch Trials -- the hard core, frankly bizarre mudslinging. Ok now, see there -- you got me going! :) -Sandy