Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Look at that Arugula Salad! Picked only minutes before it was served -- Joy! I get such satisfaction from growing our food. Our standard "dressing" for our salads is olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice a little Portuguese red pepper sauce (which is simply a hot pepper ground up and preserved in vinegar and salt), salt and pepper. Usually we throw in a little minced onion but we were fresh out of those. If all you grow in your garden are tomatoes, cucumbers and basil -- please consider arugula. Plant in between your tomato plants -- and then in their place after the tomatoes are done for the season -- and you will have greens into the frosty weather.

We have had several mild days and boy have the greens in my cold frames taken off.
These actually look smaller than they really are
Presenting ... the first of my garlic shoots. Isn't she gorgeous? :)
This picture was taken this morning -- it's a cold one.
See the frost crystals on the straw?

I'll leave you with this. Ripley came downstairs in his new soccer shorts (thanks Grandmama).
It's not even 30 degrees. When I explained that this outfit wasn't going to "cut it", he proceeded to have a colossal meltdown. Here he is. Poor guy.

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