Tuesday, June 30, 2009

American Gothic

Have you ever wondered why the man and woman in Grant Wood's American Gothic painting look so solemn?
I've done some research and I can say with a high degree of confidence that they . . .

had been working to put up a chicken run fence.

It has been brutal.
We live in an area of town called "Rocky Hill". Need I say more?
We are digging the good old fashioned way with pick and shovel. No fancy, expensive, rented Bobcat or backhoe, no . . . just the sweat off our brow, and skin off our hands. We are just about done. We started nailing the fencing to the posts late last night and are hoping to finish today.

The kicker is . . . this is Victor's vacation week. Not exactly what every family dreams of . . .
At one point when I was exhausted and demoralized I tried to motivate myself by thinking of people in North Korea who are punished by being sent to hard labor camps. Get a little perspective Sandy and stop feeling sorry for yourself!
In the end, it will be well worth it.


KO said...

I painted/stained our fence today, 1.5 years after it was put in. I was whining about my 2 hour job and how much my arms hurt. Okay you make me look like a huge whimp. You are so good to those chickens.

Bluidshay said...

I loved this post, Sandy! It cracked me up!! Although I'm sorry it's going so roughly.

Sandy said...

Thanks guys. This was another source of entertainment for myself while I was digging ... inventing the post. Hey Kathy don't feel whimpy! This project was over-the-top RIDICULOUS!!! :) Bet your fence looks great.

a. borealis said...

This looks so BRUTAL. I'm loving your post, though. It made me laugh and laugh and laugh. :) What is life (and hard work) without a sense of humor? Miserable! I bet your fence looks GREAT.