Thursday, June 18, 2009

Precious Boy

Ripley wants to be big. He wants to read with a vengeance like his big brother. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is one of Benjamin's favorite book series. As soon as the next book in the series comes out, Benjamin jumps on it and consumes it. So of course he has already finished the most recent release The Last Olympian. Now Ripley has picked it up. He takes it everywhere. He sits and stares at the pages while I'm making dinner. He takes it in the car when we go on errands. He brings it to the dentist while I'm having my teeth cleaned. He brings it upstairs to bed with him at night. He looks at all of the letters on the pages, flips the pages and marks "his place" with a bookmark. Precious Boy. 

I asked him while I was cooking dinner last night "Aren't you getting bored, honey?" (I was trying to suggest a more age appropriate book.) Ripley replied "No." I asked "Are you looking at all of the different letters and sounding them out?" "Yes." He sat there "reading" for a good half hour. 


Kristi said...

Hi Sandy, I just found a minute to catch up on everyones blogs. I'm an event florist and summers are crazy.

Maybe he is "reading" or making up his own story! Very cute.

Your garden is looking great. It seems as if your early summer is like our winters. I hope your potato towers do well. I still have one left. I'm going to replant the others soon. Caterpillars are just killing me this year. Your lettuce and garlic are beautiful, and I love hearing about your bees.

a. borealis said...

Adorable! He looks serious. :)