Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Battle for Strawberries

I have been at battle with chipmunks again. We don't have guns here, but if I did, I'd use them on these little whipper-snappers. (Jacob, Jon, come on over!) They've been going into my strawberry patch and munching one little 'chip' out of each ripe strawberry they see. I've thrown into the woods the same amount of strawberries I've been able to harvest for US.

I've sprinkled dried blood around the perimeter of the garden (yes, available at garden stores), put up two yard-art owls and created a less than heart filled trap. I'm sorry, it had to be done. If anyone would like to trap them and drive them to Iowa, come on over and be my guest. 

Chit-chatting around the playground after church on Sunday, I learned that there are new fangled bobble-head owls where the heads turn. Heck, I'm willing to try anything at this point.  

Thankfully, we did manage to have four bowls of strawberries and ice cream for dessert last night. Strawberries that I collected like a stealth fighter over several days, picking just before they were perfectly ripe.  Why don't chipmunks eat my weeds? Why don't bugs eat weeds? And why do weeds grow with such vigor, compared to my freshly planted pepper seedlings? 

Thank you for allowing me to vent. We were thankful and thrilled to have the strawberries we did from our very own garden. Aren't they beautiful?


GE is me said...

ohhh, they do look yummy! If they are just taking 1 bite out of them, why couldn't you just cut that bite out and save the rest of the berry? Let Church out after them*(my cousin's dog chases chippies) or get a cat- they'd take care of those chippies! :)

Michelle said...

Nothing is better than fresh strawberries and ice cream. Sorry that you're having such a tough time with the chipmunks. As cute as they are, they sure are a bother in the garden!!

I'm not entirely sure if you do this type of thing, but I left you an award over on my blog!

a. borealis said...

My mouth is watering. Seriously. No joke, I'm salivating. They look sooooooo delicious (and beautiful).