Monday, January 4, 2010

Farewell Holiday Festivities!

Yesterday was the official ending of the holiday season for us. We returned from our trip to Florida in the afternoon. Our boys raced indoors to play with the Christmas gifts they'd left behind. And we attacked the dirty dishes and general clutter that resulted in packing for a 9 day trip in an hour, the day after Christmas! There is still much to do, not the least of which is taking down the decorations. But, I am happy to be home. I've missed my friends, my home, and weekly routine.

Enjoy scrolling through some of the highlights of our past two weeks . . . .

The Christmas Eve table at our house where we had 22 people!
The Grown-Up Table
The "Big Kids" Table
L-R: Dylan, Michail, Benjamin and Orion
The "Little Kids" Table
L-R: Reese, Rosalie, Ripley (Aunt Shay), and Ian
Grown-ups: Michelle, Carl, Scott, Tanya, Spencer and David
Alex, Bill, Joan, Sandy and Victor
Christmas Day seven miles away at Scott and Tanya's new house in Rehoboth
The joy of watching someone open a gift
Reese (foreground), Spencer, Dad and Mom
Rosalie, Benjamin, Spencer, Scott, Bill, Reese
Dad and Mom
The day after Christmas, we packed up and flew to Florida. Victor's family was also visiting the sunny state, so they all came over for a day to visit and have some fun.
l-r: Victor's sisters Michelle and Maria, and me (Sandy) on board Dad's boat "Tut"
Cousins: Reese and Ripley
Sisters Maria and Michelle
Siblings: Michelle, Victor and Maria
Four cousins in a boat (and one uncle / dad)
My nephew Spencer at the beach
My nephew Reese, photogenic as always
A competitive game of foozeball
One of Grandmama's Christmas gifts was a trip to the tea room in Naples. Although Ripley's expression looks less than impressed, on our ride to the airport heading home he chose TEA as one of his favorite events. Why? Because he could eat all that he wanted. The boy drank an entire pot of strawberry tea!
l-r: Reese, Ripley and Rosalie
Spencer, Benjamin and me (Sandy)
All of us, at Tea.
Benjamin receiving a sailing lesson from Gramp.
Lastly, the ladies favorite afternoon past time:
Playing 'Take Two', however, typically this would include a glass of wine, but we were being particularly 'good' on this occasion.
l-r: Me (Sandy), Mom, Tanya and Rosalie (who was feeling like a photo)
Grandmama and Rosalie snuggling after a full day of fun.
Blessings to all and a happy and healthy 2010!!


muddigrl39 said...

What a wonderful holiday for you all, you have a beautiful family.

ColleenDillaway said...

I stumbled upon your blog through facebook and spent a wonderful 20 minutes reading up on all that you've been up to! I am so impressed at all you do, and do so well it looks like! Thanks for sharing pics of the family. Being so far away I miss seeing what all the Martins are doing and how they are growing. Happy New Year and may 2010 be as plentiful as 2009!

Sandy said...

Thanks Muddigrl. It was a wonderful time, and we are thankful.

Colleen, I'm so glad you found me. I do post bunches of family photos -- you can click on that link on the sidebar -- to see them all. And you can see Tanya and her kiddos and all the things we're up to .... it's so great having them so close now. Tanya compares it to the memories you guys built as cousins growing up together.

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