Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Children make you Laugh

Thank God. Children make you laugh. Yesterday's examples:
Last night when it was time for the kids to take a showers / baths Benjamin lamented.
"Why do we have to take showers every night?" in a whinny tone. Of course I didn't point out that they hadn't had showers the night before, but said "Because, you get dirty." Benjamin plunks himself on the bathroom counter top and folds his arms and states (while trying to suppress a smirk) "Well, I'm not going to. I'm going to sit right here for the rest of my life." As the wheels of my very smart 8 year old start turning he adds ... "drinking water from this faucet ... and eating soap." I blew a gasket laughing. Seriously. Hilarious.
This is a case of son and husband making me laugh.
Victor was sitting after getting home from work, flipping through a J.Crew catalog (The only one I haven't cancelled) with Ripley standing by his side looking on. They were in the men's section checking out the hope of summer attire when Ripley stops Victor and flips the catalog back a few pages and inquires with what Victor detected as a twinkle in his eye "Who's Heeeeeerrrrrr?" referring to the adorable, gorgeous, young "adoring" blond woman giggling behind the young dashing man featuring a pair of pants and shirt. Adding to the hilarity, Victor bounds over to me at the stove -- proud father that he was -- pointing out the dame that Ripley had supposedly ogled over. "And ...." Victor adds "she's not bad looking either!" (as if to say, Ripley really knows how to pick 'em) Proud Papa. Sheesh.
And this morning ...
Benjamin was reminded to do his jobs ... one of which includes sorting out dirty laundry and bringing a load downstairs. He laments "No one in my class does this job." and as if to point out my laziness "Their Mom and Dad does!" Then I challenge like I'm considering composing an email to the class parents "I think the kids should sort the laundry" Benjamin responds "That's because you're one of THEM." Hilarious.

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