Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Victor MADE IT! Go Lovey!

Victor finished the Boston Marathon yesterday looking great. You'd never know that the guy had one of the more difficult marathon runs (out of his more than 25+ marathons that he's completed). Now, with a wifey (me!), two kiddos and a job to hold down ... it's tough to find time to train. And this time 'round he didn't train as much as he'd like to. After debating how I might pull off a trip to Boston with two kids, half of the city shut down b/c of the marathon and a Red Sox game going on at the same time ... I decided to give it a try. We drove up to the Quincy T station and took the commuter train into Boston and walked along a bit of the "Freedom Trail" exploring local history. Then took the long winding walk (because of all of the shut down roads) to find the end of the marathon. Unfortunately, we were unable to get over to the side that Victor was expecting us to be on (when I say CROWD that just scratches the surface of what insanity was around the finish line) so, sadly after waiting to kiss and hug Victor for 2 hours (cheering on all the runners) -- Victor gracefully jogged by on the opposite side of the road waving to onlookers as we screamed at the top of our lungs and flapped our arms. At least we saw him. Then we walked around the maze of blocked off streets to get to the family and friends area divided by the alphabet. There we found him. Like I said, looking great. My sister-in-law Michelle said that some folks were literally crawling across the actual finish line (where she and Victor's mom were able to get to). When Victor says he had a tough run ... it means he didn't run like a gazelle the whole time. Sheesh. Here are some pictures (the last one is Victor with his long time friend Paul who also ran for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society). It's still not to late to donate to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society - he ran in memory of my cousin Eileen who died at the age of 33 of Lymphoma - and help Victor to reach his goal of $3000. Go to his site. You can donate right online with a credit card. Some of the donations are still not showing, so, not to worry those of you who have donated, but don't see your name! :) Thanks everyone!

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