Monday, May 19, 2008

Baltimore Orioles

I don't know if the Baltimore Orioles are reading my blog, but they have come to mate in my yard. They are gorgeous. Their "call" is beautiful, powerful and loud. I've been gawking at them as they chirp back and forth marveling at how pretty they are. However, I just read that they eat fruit (also bugs, nuts, seeds and nectar). Thank God for fruit tree nets. No fruit for you guys from my little orchard. Speaking of my little orchard. I have one sweet cherry tree, one Chinese apricot tree, one Bartlett pear tree, one Anjou pear tree, two peach trees, one Fuji Apple tree, one three-in-one grafted apple tree, one Cortland apple tree (for pies especially) and six tall blue berry bushes. Fun! Of course it will be a few years for anything substantial, but hopefully by then I will have really ironed out the organic spraying thing. Keep well! Happy gardening.

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