Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little Concentration after a days work . . .

Victor and Ripley playing a little Concentration . . . Memory / Matching games (with all of the senses) are big with Montessori, so in my effort to organize, simplify and get rid of the stuff my kids have out grown (lucky for Community Covenant Church, my nephews and the Salvation Army) I got rid of a lot of stuff, organized a lot of stuff, put "away" a lot of stuff (so I can rotate instead of having an overwhelming pile) and took out games and toys that are better suited for Ripley's growing mind of almost 4! Hence (this is my long winded explanation) the game of Concentration!

Incidentally, on the way home from school yesterday, Ripley announced "I like Lions and Baseball and Dogs and Spiderman and Pencils." Duly noted.

At first I was lamenting about all of the morning drive time that I now have with Ripley's school -- which starts at the exact moment Benjamin is supposed to be at home getting on the school bus for his school, so I have to drop off both kids at their individual schools -- however, now I'm kind of enjoying it. We play kids music (that I can tolerate -- like Beethoven's Wig) and chat. They generally can't get into much trouble strapped into their seats in a moving car, so overall it's a very peaceful time with good conversation. I am thankful.

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