Monday, September 29, 2008

Benjamin - The Expressive

Benjamin needs a haircut. It's not that bad, but he could use a trim. This morning when he went upstairs to brush his thick softly curly hair (which usually involves wetting it down in some way) I hear this exclamation ... "My hair looks like I have a wig on!"
Benjamin is also notorious for asking these BIG questions in passing. I do my best to plod through and field these questions, but sometimes I think to myself ... "Good grief, I really don't have an hour to drill down into this one." The funny thing is, these "light" questions come up when I'm busily feeding them breakfast, packing lunches and unloading the dishwasher -- or 2 minutes before he gets out of the car to go to school.
A breakfast:
"Do you know why English is such a hard language to speak?"
A few minutes later:
"How do computers work?"
At the dinner table just before showers:
"Who invented Morse Code and why was it invented?"

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