Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Plastics ... Again.

Click on the link below to play short video on more news about plastics ...

I know, we already know this. I don't know why I keep adding. The thing is ... I'm so infuriated with the lobbyists and "big business" that is pushing on the FDA to support their bad products. I'm infuriated that the FDA seems to be spine-less. So, I post.

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Kristi said...

Hi Sandy,

We were in Massachusetts this summer and had so much fun! I too love seeing how different each part of our country is. I couldn't imagine the cold winters you have. A friend stayed in Massachusetts after evcuating from Katrina, and was just flabbergasted that her gallon of water froze in the car overnight. She didn't last long up there :).
I make gumbo often and will do a post on it.