Monday, May 18, 2009

Friends and Family

This week is going to be a busy one. On Friday morning I'm leaving for my -- make note -- 20th year college reunion. Yes, indeed. I went to an all women's college (why, I have no idea) so no one brings their spouses. It's kind of sad really, because I'd love to have Victor meet my college friends all of whom live a long distance away, but instead it will be like a big 'ole girls night out -- which will be fun too! 

So, not only do I have to pack and skidaddle out of town early Friday morning, but I also have to:
  • Prep the second half of my garden for planting.
  • Make dinner for a friend in need.
  • Celebrate Benjamin's 10th Birthday on Tuesday!
  • Plant seedlings (after the expected frost tonight) tomorrow.
  • Prep our little home for the baby chicks downstairs in the basement.
  • Get day old chicks on Tuesday!
  • Give Victor a crash course on how to raise baby chicks so they survive my weekend away.
  • Install new wax foundation in 16 frames for my hives. (A lot of work BTW)
  • Do a hive check on Thursday and install the second brood chamber with the newly prepared frames.
In spite of my looming to do's we had a nice time over the weekend with friends and family. On Saturday Night we enjoyed some potluck grub with friends . . . 

L-R: Dave, Carl, Matt, Victor, Ron, Cheryl, Jon, Ann, Kara, Michelle, Kathy

On Sunday after church, we were treated to an early dinner at Victor's parent's Portuguese Club. It was fabulous. It had closed down for awhile, but now a new couple is managing it. A small team of people cook a fabulous meal for about 60 people every Sunday. 
L-R: Braulio, Aldina, Dulce, Michelle, Sandy, Ripley
Ahh, this time we got my father-in-law Mario in.
Really, it's about getting together with friends, with whom you have a lot in common, over dinner and a glass of wine, and celebrating your culture. 
Victor and Michelle are on the right, getting coffee.

On this particular Sunday they had music and dancing also -- all Portuguese dancing, of course. It's not like Portuguese Folk Dancing with the costumes and the whole bit, it's a collection of miscellaneous dances most of which accompany music with an accordion. The subtle difference between each of the dances elude me, but my mother-in-law tried to teach me a few.
They had a raffle which everyone jumps to participate in, as a fund raiser. They were raffling off a bottle of pineapple rum. As my sister-in-law Michelle said "yeah, no one wants that." It's all about keeping the club going, certainly not about the random thing they decide to raffle off that day. Ripley, being a young honest boy, was chosen to pick the winning raffle ticket. Being rather reserved, I was surprised that we was willing to go up and draw. But he did. And his "Avo" loved every minute of it!

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