Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My First 1/2 Marathon

Yes, among other things this week (other than getting to know my new bees and keeping up with my garden prep), I ran my first 1/2 marathon in Providence, Rhode Island with my Sole Sisters from the Y. What a great group of gals. Below is just a small collection of us who drove in together. Our group 'Sole Sisters' ran as a team so we had people running the marathon, the 1/2, and the 5 K. Everyone here was running the 1/2 marathon. From R to L: Sandy (me), Jane, Joyce (our fearless leader), Courtnee (Queen of the Pop Tart), Stacey and Lisa. This is the photo before we left the garage where my camera was. The rest of the pictures were taken by another Sole Sister, Tracey, who is 'on the mend' and wasn't able to run just yet. She was fabulous, meeting us at several points during the race, cheering us on, taking all of our sweaty cast-off clothing, and documenting the whole thing on film. Thank you Tracey, it was great to have your encouragement!
Here we are, gathered together before heading off to the START. 
Here is Lisa. She is the crazy nut I ended up running the entire race with. Can't you see how she would be motivating?
Here is Jill (and I believe Megan behind her) handing off another piece of clothing to our cheerleader Tracey.
Here is Jane. Look at her go! She looks happy. And she should be! She had a great run (1/2) and qualified for The Boston Marathon! Way to go Jane!
Oooop . . . here I go, handing Tracey more sweaty clothes. Courntee (on the left) and I wore matching outfits by accident. Isn't that cuuuuuuute?
Stacey was looking fabulous in black.
Some of our Marathon Runners: Megan and Jill -- looking great.
Our fearless leader Joyce. Note: when your photograph is being taken during a run, muster up the strength . . . wave and smile. Joyce should have been a lesson to me . . . 
Is this not the most hilarious, frightening picture of me ever?! I look like I'm ready to call it a day and head home.
Here is a group of us at the end -- metals in hand. What a great day. L to R: Lisa, Joyce, Stacey, Susan, Sandy, Chris and Courtnee. (In the foreground are Stacey's beautiful girls who schlepped all over the course with her to cheer us on!) My time was 2 hours and 3 minutes. I achieved my goal: no walking, and ran a faster race than I was expecting . . . Thanks Prancy!
Here is our wonderful cheerleader Tracey with her daughter. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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You rock girl! Can you bottle up some of that energy and send me some?