Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How Cute!

"Miss Kathy" at the Blanding Library outdid herself as usual this Tuesday. At story hour this week (back in session after a break for the holidays) we read two snowman themed books, then we created this adorable little guy ....
Our snowman was created using Ivory soap "flakes" (although I was informed that they no longer resemble flakes) and water. 4 C flakes to 1 C water. Ideally mix with a mixer, but Miss Kathy wasn't able to use hers and the snow seemed to come out just fine. In time, your snowman will air dry. Kathy says she still has snowmen her children created when they were little ... and the way she told it sounds like it wasn't last week when they were three. Of course Kathy had twigs ready for arms, buttons, felt, beads for eyes, light-brite pegs for noses. We held the two "snowballs" together by sticking a cut off straw in between the body and the head. Two CUTE! A great earth friendly, child friendly craft. Enjoy!

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