Monday, January 14, 2008

Snowday at home

I have to confess (this is a source of much teasing here in our household) I love the excitement of an approaching storm. It's embarrassing to admit ... but true. I'm glued to the television listening for clues as to whether or not we are getting 6 inches of snow, an ice storm, or a hurricane. It's almost as bad as folks who slow down to look at a fender bender on the side of a road. I hope you don't think less of me. (Thankfully, Victor is still sticking with me)

However, today I was totally blindsided to wake up to winter wonderland this morning. I was getting the kiddos ready for school, starting with the daily weekday chores, etc., etc. turned on the news ... to see about the weather of course ... and noticed that there were all kinds of school cancellations! Sure enough, I went online and saw that both of my boys didn't have school! Yipee! French Toast, Snow Forts, Snowball Fight, Superman to the rescue!! Here are some pictures from our adventures so far ...

This picture is precious because my little sportsman Ripley was a little underwhelmed by fort building and imagination. Before I knew it he was raiding the garage for balls. Here he is kicking a football around longing for warmer days and ball related sports. (He liked the snowball fight just fine.)

Benjamin helped me to bake these loaves of Honey Oatmeal Bread. I got the recipe from for their Oatmeal Honey Raisin bread. I just baked it without the raisins. They didn't rise as much as I would like. I've decided that I need some more education in my bread baking so I've ordered two books from Amazon by Peter Reinhart. One is for whole grain breads -- looking forward to that! I love the concept of baking your own bread because you're getting SIMPLE ingredients (flour, oatmeal, water, yeast, honey, oil). I can not say that it's local, because I don't have a source for flour down the street ... but you never know. Stay tuned. (They couldn't have been that bad though, because in two days we've consumed two of the three loaves!)

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