Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tea Time

(Miss Kathy working her magic at the Library)
At the library on Tuesday, I checked out a children's book When the Snow is Blue by Marguerite Dorian. It is a 1960's book about a little girl imagining what she would do on a snowy day. Well, she imagines that she'd walk down the road and invite some bears (real bears) for tea at her house. When I read the book to Ripley yesterday, he decided that he wanted to give tea to his bear. So we did. This afternoon, we read the book again at his request and again Ripley requested that we have tea with his bear. So, this time we created a tea party (with real tea) with all of the household stuffed (shhhh) bears. It was too cute! Ripley enthusiastically set the table with play food and real "nakims", spoons and forks. At one point I asked Ripley if he'd like to ask the bears a question (you know, like "Would you like some tea?") He looked at me like I'd lost my mind and snickered as he said "You not ask dem a question." As if to burst my bubble and tell me "Hey Ma ... didn't you know ... their STUFFED."

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