Thursday, June 19, 2008

Minor League 2008 Champs!!

L to R: Peter, Nate, Josh, Bryce, Benjamin, Garret, Noah, Tommy, Jason, Bubba, Colin, Dylan

Way to go Twins!! What a great team Benjamin was privileged to be apart of. Thanks to Coach Rick and Coach Rip for doing such a great job! They had high expectations for the kids, helped them to take the game and themselves seriously and encouraged them enthusiastically for their accomplishments and efforts big and small. They won with great sportsmanship, honor and hard work -- and lots of fun. There was nothing better than seeing those boys glow when they accomplished something great. And, hats off to Tommy for the winning out at second base. When he looked around and saw no one was on base, he ran there -- ball in hand and beat the Giants player there for the out. What a game! Final score 13 to 12 - TWINS!


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