Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Frugal Living - Cutting Your Children's Hair

My boys could count the amount of times they've been to a professional hair "salon" on their two hands -- even Benjamin, and he's 9! My dad grew up with his father cutting his hair - down at the farm - in Maryland. So, when my mom and dad got married, my grandfather (aka: Gramp), taught her how to do it. She would need to know after all, right? Therefore, the tradition was continued when I was growing up. Mom always cut my father's and brother's hair.(As an aside, my mother tried to cut my hair once. She has blond stick straight hair and I have brown very curly, frizzy hair. No knowing the idiosyncrasies  of curly hair, she gave me the haircut she'd always had when she was little - A Buster Brown haircut, with bangs. Of course those cute little bangs shrank up to my hairline and it wasn't pretty. At some point, she gave up. But really with girls curly hair just keep it long and stay away from bangs and you'll be all set!) When I had Benjamin, going to a hair salon didn't cross my mind. Even at the cheapest of places, a cut costs about 8$, plus tip. $20 can buy an awful lot of food. 

So, last night after homework and dinner, we sat down to watch a little Little House in the Prairie and cut hair. Even though I'm not a big fan of the television, it's a fabulous tool for cutting your children's hair. 

I have had my supplies for years now, so they have long since paid for themselves. Plus, hair scissors (a must), comb, cape (well worth it!), and buzzers just aren't that expensive. Depending on how many children you have, they will pay for themselves in a month or two. I even gave Victor's hair a "clean-up". 

In an effort to save money during these uncertain times, I've decided to grow my hair out again. When I look through our expenses, I just can't stomach spending $60 to get a trim. That's how much my gal costs. The grays on the other hand . . . I always thought I'd go "natural". That was before I started getting grey hair. However, I am considering asking a girlfriend to do a hair-swap. You dye mine, I'll dye yours. Currently, I pay $60 a month for the "good-bye grays".

For Boys:
  1. First: Cut the hair line. Be careful of the ears.
  2. Second: Buzz the sides, set on medium.
  3. Third: Trim uniformly working from front to back in a pattern from ear-to-ear (across). Keeping the hair longer at the top and shorter at the sides.
  4. Forth: Check for evenness by trimming uniformly, working from one side to the other in a pattern from the back of the head to the forehead. 
Girls would be a lot simpler, just keep it even all the way around, and if her hair is straight you can give her some bangs. Presto! 

On completely different subject: Benjamin had another swim meet this weekend. Doesn't he look happy? He loves to swim. He loves the competition, the team support, but also the independence of the sport. Plus, he works off all of that pent-up energy! It's so fabulous to see all of the kids cheering each other on. 
And Ripley did a little, er . . . decorating over the weekend. Isn't this bear cute?
Well, Ripley decided he needed a paint job. Good grief.


geisme said...

And so what did he paint him with? And as for the grays? Girl, you've earned them! The bible says gray hair is a sign of wisdom. Have you checked Jen out @ LaCave? I don't think(I don't know)they charge that much for a haircut. I could be wrong. I am too cheap to color my hair, so the really wild grays get pulled, but most of mine seem to hide underneath. (I really have A LOT!) -G

Maria Fernanda said...

Who knew? I guess now that I'm having a boy I'll be more likely to cut his hair some day...

On the subject of going gray... take it from someone who WILL NOT go gray unless my life depends on it: There are plenty of things you can do to save money, going gray shouldn't be one of them.

Now that I'm pregnant, I found this natural coloring (henna based is what they call it). It's ok for the baby so that's why I switched, but it happens to be good for the hair and your pocket too. Maybe look it up in nature stores. It only comes in dark colors, but that's not an issue, right? You'll have plenty of time for gray... now, give yourself some color :)