Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's a wonderful thing when . . .

your child learns to buckle him or herself into their car seat! Isn't it fabulous? The joy of being able to go around to your car door without opening your child's door, standing there in the cold and wind while they climb in, then leaning over with 5 things in your arms to buckle them in. Ripley has just learned. He was egged on by a rather -- less than positive remark -- from his older brother, Benjamin. Something to the effect that "BBBIIIIIGGGGG boys know how to buckle their own seat belts." Well, that's all that Ripley needed. I have to say that he has more patience than me. In the beginning (of the week) he would struggle with the belt over and over again until he got it. Meanwhile, I was steaming in the front seat wanting to get underway. Ripley would try 2 times, start talking to his brother, try again, talk to me, try, look out the window . . . you get the idea. But, after several days, he's now gotten it! Wonderful. 

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