Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's official . . .

I'm addicted to my wood stove. The bad news is, we are fresh out of wood. As I mentioned previously, our wood stove purchase came last minute in the fall, so we didn't spend the spring and summer squirreling away wood for the cold winter. Poor Victor schleps outside with the kids on the weekends and chops in the cold. (There could be worse things I suppose, like a $600 oil bill!) 

As I'm typing this, I'm sitting in front of the laptop with a full length down coat on. My feet are ice cold in my slippers. I've actually caught myself fantasizing about going places where I can keep my Uggs on indoors (we have just switched to a slipper house - residents only required). Or another one I had today was catching myself considering a trip to the mall, just so I could be warm. I am my mother's daughter. Unless it's 80 degrees or I'm running in or out of doors, my hands and feet are like icicles. Is my circulation that bad?! It's amazing my hands a feet don't just plumb drop off. I digress.

The strange thing is, even if the thermostat in the dining room (admittedly on the other side of the house from the wood stove) reads 68 with the wood stove heating the place it feels warmer than if the baseboard heaters are doing the work. I've been thinking that maybe it's a control thing. I feel like I have guilt-free heat in my control with a wood stove. I am happy to "do my time" waiting for the wood stove to get the house up to temp. But, if I sit here in a 65 degree baseboard heated house -- I freeze. Is this all just in my head? I don't know. But I'm counting down the days until I have a porch full of split wood waiting for me. (No pressure Lovey. Prod. Prod.) 

While we are on the topic of slippers (above), I would like to vent. It's bad enough being a gal who likes to "dress-up" as an at home mom. Really, there is no point. An entire day can pass by and the only adult who sees me is Victor. And, he's great and all, and I want him to think I'm pretty and all, but really -- is it worth it (and justifiable) to wear something that requires ironing and / or dry cleaning? But slippers put me over the edge. I feel like a total schlep. Like, "Get a job you lazy bum!" How can a woman accomplish anything but knitting, reading and watching t.v. in slippers?! I'm just not sold. Am I the only one?

Is it that time of the month, or did I just forget to take my Vitamin D? 
Be well. 
Hopefully I made you laugh, rather than making you feel like digging a hole and moving in. :)


geisme said...

Fly lady recommends lace up shoes every day! nothing you can slip in & out of. She says this helps us to stay motivated to get the things done that need to be done. For people like you who have decided not to wear shoes inside, because it helps keep down the dirt, she suggested a separate indoor pair of shoes, so you are not tracking dirt all over the place.
Just some thoughts for you.

Sandy said...

Hey now, that's not a bad idea. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels like sitting on the couch when I wear slippers! Thanks for the encouragement!