Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Fun in Vermont!

This weekend we journeyed up to Vermont for a fun filled weekend of skiing. Victor's parents aren't skiers, but they came along too! Ripley and Victor's sister Michelle were the beginners in the group and made great strides through the weekend. From L-R: Ripley, Sandy, Dulce, Mario, Michelle, Victor, Benjamin. We all rode up on the gondola together, skiers and non-skiers alike, and took this picture at the very top! 

Bird's eye view of the living room. From top left to right: Bill (my Dad), Mario (Victor's Dad), Dulce (Victor's Mom) and Michelle (Victor's sister) after our first day of skiing.

A serious game of chess between Benjamin and "Gramp".
Michelle and Ripley
Benjamin's responsibility during the weekend: Helping Gramp to remove the dreaded ski boots at the end of the day.
At this great condo, there was a Jacuzzi on the outside deck. Here is "Gramp".
Brother and sister recovering from a day's "work" on the slopes.
Mario and Dulce were excited about the Jacuzzi until they learned that it was outside! With a little encouragement -- we got them in! (They don't look like they are suffering too badly, do they??)
Ripley and Benjamin playing on a large jungle-gym like mound of snow in the center of the ski town.
That's me on the right directing Ripley as he skis down the slope. Ripley went skiing for the first time last year. He did fairly well on the bunny slope, but struggled to stop using the "pizza pie". This time, he was able to "get it" and was able to go up and down the bunny slope all by himself. Usually I would ski in front of him to make sure he turned often and kept his pace slow.
More directing from me. By the end of the weekend Ripley was able to go up the chairlift and ski down the easy trails. His last run was from the very top of the mountain! 
Here is Michelle practicing her "pizza pie" and looking good! 
Here are the boys riding the shuttle back to the condo.
At the end of the first day, Ripley was so exhausted he literally fell asleep at the table. Victor held Ripley in his lap while he recharged his batteries. Poor little dude.


geisme said...

Looks like a total blast! I've never snow skied but someday maybe. Now I don't feel so bad for not having your sourdough or finishing the e-mail I started to you about it. :)

a. borealis said...

It looks like so much fun! Your boys have such beautiful and winsome smiles.