Friday, February 27, 2009

Seedling Progress

As you know I have embarked on this years seed starting. Here is there progress, for your viewing pleasure.
(Footnote: leek and onion seeds are only good in the first year. I learned this from Kathy, and then confirmed it for myself. So, go ahead, plant them all -- find a spot for them or give them away. Otherwise, the seeds will just end up in the compost.)
Floppy looking onions. This photo is a week old, they are looking perkier now.
Tomato seedlings. I love several varieties of tomatoes. Not great for seed saving in my smallish garden, but I can't handle just one variety. I went ahead and planted a bunch, many of which are from last year. I don't know if the seeds will last another year, so I went ahead and planted most of them remaining from last year. Gifts anyone?
I was just about ready to give up on the celery I'd planted, when . . . look what I found!
Same thing goes for the eggplant. I was just about to reseed, when . . . 

The more you work with God's creation the more you know He is real.
From the honey bee, to seedlings, it's all miraculous. Truly.

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