Thursday, March 12, 2009

Helpful Tools

I want to pass along some helpful tools that I think are terrific that I've used recently for a friend of mine. 

If you know anyone who needs meals, rides, errands -- perhaps someone who has just had a baby, someone who has gone through surgery, or someone battling an illness, there is a great online tool that is very effective. It's called Care Calendar. Through this you are able to show what the specific needs are. Then, people who want to help log-on and fulfill the need that works for their schedule. This is especially helpful if you are the person responsible for organizing such things. All you need to do is direct volunteers to the site. It's very user friendly and effective. 

Also, particularly for someone who is going through a surgery of some kind or battling an illness, Caring Bridge is a site where you can create a page where friends and family can find out how they are doing, how their treatment is going, make comments and keep in touch. 

Information about these sites seem to travel largely through word-of-mouth. Pass it on. They are excellent tools.

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