Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Love of a Mother

Joan and Bill in Egypt
My parents just returned from a trip to Egypt. (Yes, they arrived two days after the terrorist attack on the market in Cairo.) It was on their "bucket list" (things to do before you 'kick the bucket') and apparently had an incredible time. That is my Momma sitting on top of the camel, my Dad is holding the, er . . . harness? rein?

They are "snowbirds" so we see them rarely throughout the winter. Sometimes we are able to visit with Dad on the weekends when he's up north "taking care of business". But mostly, we chat on the phone and through emails. (My father BTW is an avid (closet) LoveCookCreateKnit reader, one of my biggest fans and encouragers.) Knowing that they were away, and I was unable to pick up the phone and call them on a whim (even though we are not a must call every day type family) I missed them . . . especially since they were in a dangerous part of the world. I spoke with my mother on the phone yesterday morning after I'd received this photo on my cellphone with a note that they'd just returned the night before. We spoke briefly, but then she had to sign-off abruptly -- before hanging up she said "I love you Baby Girl." At the ripe age of 41+ my heart melted -- I can't remember the last time my mother called me Baby Girl, but I felt just like a 3 year old snuggled up in her mother's arms. It was a good thing. We are always and forever our mother's babies. We came out of their womb and nothing can change that. 

My mother always said about growing up that even though she and her family went through many trials (not the least of which was losing her father to a heart attack when she was eleven) one thing she always knew was that she was loved. And she has carried on that tradition to me. One goal that I had when I became a mother was to be sure that my children knew that I loved them. Lord knows I fail. Lord knows I've made wrong decisions in my parenting. Lord knows I have yelled at my dear children. But I am certain that my boys know they are loved. "And above all things have fervent love for one another, for 'love will cover a multitude of sins' " 1 Peter 4:8, reference Proverbs 10:12

Just two nights ago at the dinner table Benjamin was complaining that he felt he was getting a fever. I kissed his forehead and it was as cold as a cucumber, and I told him so. He continued to put on a forlorn face, so I half teasingly asked him to come on over here and I'd rock him like a baby. That 9+ year old boy hopped up at the chance and sat right in my lap and I held him and gave him a big snuggle. We were playing around a little bit, but Benjamin was loving every minute of it. Victor (a big tease) went to get the camera, and Benjamin immediately dashed from my lap. But when the teasing was over, he came back to sit in his mommy's lap. There is nothing like the love of a mother. 

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geisme said...

Sandy, loved the post! :) Be blessed you still have your mom around. But I know exactly what you mean. I remember a time in my 20's that I sat on my mother's lap & she read "Jemima Puddle duck" by Beatrix Potter to me. Yes, there truly is NOTHING like the love of a mother. Makes me wonder how Mary felt as Jesus was on the cross. ~