Monday, March 16, 2009

To the Rescue!

As you can see, my strawberries have been under attack. Since last summer Victor has been saying that we needed to put a fence up to keep the rabbits out. After the snow melted a few weeks ago the rabbits have discovered my strawberry plants and have been celebrating the approach of spring with a feast. So, this weekend, we did it. We put in a fence.
I won't lie to you. It was tough. Right now as I'm sitting here typing, my forearms are aching from the exercise -- sore from clinching a shovel all weekend. I can't even begin to imagine how Victor feels. Poor guy -- he was the only MAN on the job and had to take care of the real grunt work. 
The boys did their part trying to pitch in. You know how it goes, it's really more work for the parents to include them, but the whole idea is teaching them about the rhythm and reward of work. 
I'd read up on how to install a fence to keep small munching animals out of the garden and particularly liked one "how to" where they utilized wood posts from trees in the back woods. We have tons of these small trees and they were free. To keep rabbits out, the fence has to be 18-24 inches high.
Victor dug sixteen post holes all the way around our garden approximately 8 feet apart.
Then we dug a trench one foot wide all the way around to lay 
fine mesh wire down to ward off borrowing animals.
Just when we thought we were over the tough part . . .
there was seemingly unending digging to be done.
After two days of solid hard core work . . .
We are close to finished. 
(We used heavier "hog fencing" for support and chicken wire on top of that.)

We still have to set the posts into the dirt by pouring water around them, pressing, pouring and filling. We have to finish digging a narrow trench along the rock wall for one last run of fencing that goes along my rhubarb and asparagus plantings (right now the fencing is just resting along the posts on that side of the garden). And fill the trench with dirt. The fence reminds me of the movie "Chicken Run" . . .  but with some green veggies growing inside I'm hoping for a more charming look. Maybe a few sweet peas growing around the outside . . . even if the rabbits get them. 


Kristi said...

The fence looks great. My brother in law put in a fence around his garden to keep out rabbits. So far I haven't had a problem. I think my cat and dog keeps them at bay.

a. borealis said...

It looks great!