Friday, March 27, 2009

Reese Bowen

My nephew Reese celebrated his 3rd birthday last weekend. At some point during his short 3 years of life Reese developed a love for music and the guitar in particular. For well over a year now he's been "playin' the air guitar" to music. For his third birthday his parents (Scott and Tanya) decided to get him his first guitar. Now, nay sayers may say "geee ... that's early and a little ridiculous" but let me tell you this boy can play. It's truly the cutest thing you've ever seen. Now, I know you may have kids of your own and they are cute and all, but Reese playing his brand new guitar took the cake. The most amazing thing was, he picked up the guitar and held it like he's had 5 years of lessons. He strums both with and without the pick, rests the guitar on his knee like an expert and he's trying his darnedest to figure out what cords are all about. Did I mention he sings while he plays? I'm telling you -- cute!
Reese Bowen in his Daddy Scott Bowen's lap
Reese with cupcakes
(Incidentally, Tanya and I both received cupcake trees from my mother for Christmas. At the time it struck me as the oddest gift, but let me tell you Tanya and I have both gotten a ton of use out of ours -- and don't they look festive?)
There is my little Superman Ripley overseeing the opening of presents. 

I must say I am a fan of the old fashioned tradition of opening birthday presents at the party in front of your guests that took time out to select something special for the occasion. Hauling them away in a bag in front of all of the little children who helped pick out the gifts just seems uncivilized. I don't mean to be too harsh, and I know that some birthday 'locations' insist, but my boys have been devastated at the sight of it on many occasions -- and they're pretty tough. Yes, sometimes it can be mayhem but these are life lessons, right? It kind of reminds me of sporting / school events where everyone gets a trophy or a medal. How are our children going to learn the joy and disappointment of competition? In life, some people are 'first' and some people aren't. "I'm sorry Mr. Brown, only one person can fill this position sir. I'm sorry you just didn't get the job and I don't have a token medal for you to take home."

I digress.

Happy Birthday Reese. You are adorable. Keep playin'.


GE is me said...

Sandy, thanks for the comments on opening presents at the party vs. not. Never really thought about it, but liked your thoughts. Went to 2 parties, where the b-day person didn't open gifts then, but did receive thank you's for them(hand written, snail mail & at least I got that!) Last yr. we made the girls open theirs at their party. Was contemplating this year- something to think about. Thanks loads.

Blicky Kitty said...

Oh he is so cute and your photography is so great!

I haven't forgotten the grape leaves, btw.

Do you ever mess up on batches of yoghurt? I just used it instead of buttermilk for baking, but still it's always a bummer.

Sandy said...

Well, it's just my opinion, but you're welcome to it Gail.

And, BK - yes, I have messed up on my yogurt once since 'getting it down' -- the temp was too high when I added in the culture. Major bummer.

Yes, BK, missed you at Thursday's class, it was another tough one. It's Monday and FINALLY I'm not sore anymore!