Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Almost Ten Year Old

Yesterday, out of the blue Benjamin comes up to me while I was sewing cushions for our church's youth group room and said "Mommy, can I start tucking myself in at bedtime? I feel a little baby-ish." 

With a sad puppy-dog face on I said "But you are my baby boy." As I pulled him onto my lap and half-kiddingly started to cradle his long body.

"Ripley is your baby boy." He states.

"But you are my first born baby boy."

"I'm not a baby anymore." Benjamin tells me.

"You're not my little chick?" I ask. (We've been talking a lot about chickens recently)

"No. Mommy, I'm turning into a rooster."

I thought that was the cutest thing I'd ever heard.
I still tucked him in last night though. 


a. borealis said...

I love your look in that picture. You look gorgy, as it gorgeous.

What a funny and meloncholy story. Being a mama can tug on the heartstrings in so many different ways!

GE is me said...

Sandy, I'm sooo not looking forward to the days when my girls say that. Ahhh, they just grow up waaaaayyyy too fast! (As your nephew turns 3 today & my girls turn 4 Th.)

Sandy said...

Awww, thanks for the compliment RainGardenGirl.

Yes, this growing up thing is uncharted territory. I'm realizing that there are several areas where the poor guy needs to fly on his own. For instance, I still prompt him when we go to cross the street "look both ways" -- good grief, the kid is going to be 10 in May! Or the thought of him staying home alone at any point in the next 5 years is mind boggling to me! AND Ripley will be the same age as Benjamin was when Victor and I got married in October! 5! That's CRAZY!