Monday, March 31, 2008

The Blues

Or more appropriately, The Greys. I've made it until April this year, thanks to my vitamin D supplements -- but I'm finally at that annual point (after a hum-dinger of a week ... Benjamin got strep throat, week of rain and cold, that "time" of the month, then I got strep throat!) where I start asking myself ... "Why in God's Earth do people choose to live in New England?!" Yeah, yeah, yeah ... the coast is beautiful, the topography is beautiful, the annual turning of leaves (which I have to admit I view in part like a funeral ... welcome grey), but seriously, How about Virginia? I went to college there and even though my family was living by the coast in Southeastern Massachusetts where it's milder, I had two complete springs every year. One in Virginia ... and one in Massachusetts when I came home IN MAY!! Sheesh. If I was on that Mayflower boat that was meant to land in Virginia ... I would have said "Let's go south! It's too dang cold here!!" A case in point ... I took the opportunity to record this grey 40 degree and rainy last day of March and at least show you where I plan to plant my fruit trees! (poor things only have two months of good summer ... ) Thankfully, "they" are forcasting 60 degrees tomorrow ... and rain, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

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