Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Victory Garden - Beginnings

A 21st Century Victory Garden: Victory over Factory Farms, Victory over Chemicals and Pesticides, Victory over gas and pollution used to carry my vegetables all the way from California or Chile. Victory over wasting perfectly useful land on grass (we have a sizable front yard for outdoor sports), Victory over mowing large patches of grass - wasting fuel and polluting - when it's not being used. Here are the beginnings of my Victory Garden. On the left are my first seedlings. Broccoli and Broccoli Rabe, and two varieties of Leeks. Broccoli is a cold weather plant and can be planted here in Southeastern Massachusetts in mid-April. Leeks are a slow growing vegetable and need to be started early in order to be ready before snowfall. They can be "over-wintered" - which means covered with straw, protected from the elements, they go dormant and you can uncover them, pry them out with a pitch-fork and PRESTO fresh leeks in the winter. Cool. The picture to the right is the location of my new garden area (I currently have two raised beds). It should be ready by mid-April. Exciting.


Anonymous said...

That's so cool Sandi. Too bad everything I've tried to grow either dies quickly or doesn't grow at all. I'd be happy to sample some of your produce when it's available. HEHE.


Sandy said...

Be encouraged Amy! I am known for torturing my indoor plants -- bringing them to the brink of death and then trying to revitalize them. Not good. But, there is something about nurturing something that will reap a harvest that is different. When you know you are going to get a gorgeous old fashioned tomato that actually TASTES like a tomato ... it's worth caring for. Give one a try. -Sandy