Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

One Christmas tradition that, my father thinks was started by my late Uncle "Ole' C", an Episcopal Priest, is savoring the moments of Christmas. For as long as I remember, we don't divide all of the presents up by recipient and then rip everything open in 10 minutes time. No, from stockings to gifts under the tree each present is opened one by one, savored, properly thanked and appreciated, and often even opened and played with between gifts. Gifts aren't purchased for volume so the kids have more for ripping, they are carefully chosen, and each year we have bought fewer and fewer. It does make for a long day all together, taking breaks to play with toys, or eat together, but we love it.

Here is Victor opening a gift with nephew Spencer looking on.

Opening gifts for Spencer this year entailed trying to cram the entire box in his mouth -- of course. Tanya was happiest when he was opening one of our gifts wrapped with homemade gift bags made of fabric! (More on that later in another post!)

Reese, Rosalie, Spencer and Ripley

How cute is this?

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Sherry Fraley said...

We don't take breaks, but we do open one at a time. We also designate an "elf" to hand the gifts round. Some years ago we began video-taping, even with two cameras from which my brothers extract different views for our Christmas video. Crazy, but we do actually go back and watch previous years sometimes on Christmas Eve. Anyway. I like your colorful, fun posting. I wandered in through the "sustainable living" interest in common. Cheers!