Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun in the Florida Sun

Before we get to the fun in the sun portion, will you humor me while I lament?
I cannot find my cell phone. I've looked everywhere. Now the battery is dead, so even if I found myself in the right location I wouldn't be able to hear it ring. (I've even been listening for the buzzing sound, just in case it's on "manner mode" -- but I don't think it is.) Verizon has been haggling me for years to replace it because it's getting quite old for a cell phone. But it works just fine. The thought of replacing all of those phone numbers!! Argh! To add insult to injury, we don't have long distance phone service. We use our cell phone for this to reduce costs. I've romped through the woods in case it fell out of my pocket. I've even dug through some yard compost to see if it dropped in there! Nothing. Lament. Lament.
*Happy Days are here again! I found my phone. Downstairs in the kid's craft area. Yipee.*
Additionally, our family has been battling a cold for weeks. I thought for sure the Florida Sun would cure us (as it has for me in the past). But alas, we are still all sniffling. It's not that bad really, which is why no one's gone to the doctor -- it just wont EXIT STAGE LEFT!! I'm not big on antibiotics simply because I want them to be effective when I really need them, but I just may need to cave. OK, I'm done.
Speaking of the Florida Sun, here are some more cute pictures (there are more, but my new fancy camera is giving me grief ... which is another whole subject!) My father has this little boat that has seating all the way around and a table in the middle. Over the boat, named The Bluebird II from Bert and I which he has been able to "perform" since childhood, is an adorable canopy. Really it's a cocktail cruiser. So, several times during our stay in Florida, we round up cheese, crackers, fruit, juice or milk for the kids and wine for the grown-ups and go for a little spin looking at the houses or the mangroves growing along the waterways. It's wonderful. A tradition has developed that all of the grandchildren have to take their turn at the helm and a ceremonial photo documents the event. See below.

Benjamin at the helm

Ripley at the helm
Benjamin and I on board the Bluebird II

Ripley enjoying the Gulf
Benjamin, "Uncle Moose" and Reese playing the "fight the tide" game
Mom at the local farmer's market
L-R: Benjamin, Rosalie, Reese, Scott aka: Moose, Victor and Ripley

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