Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gallery Night in the "Kids Room"

It all started here on the kitchen counter. Before breakfast, over their morning milk, Ripley, Benjamin, Rosalie and Reese started creating artwork. By our second day there, it was becoming part of their "routine". Then, Rosalie came up with the idea of putting their creations up around the bedroom four of them were sharing (for the first time) named appropriately "The Kid's Room". Benjamin (as oldest, President, of the Kid's Club) got permission from Grandmama to tape their artwork up around their room. As long as it was on the woodwork -- not on the walls -- they had permission. Well, before you knew it, they had a Gallery. So, Grandmama suggested a "Gallery Night". That was all they needed. Invitations were created and delivered to all bedrooms. Artwork was being created at lightening speed. On Thanksgiving Night they had their opening. It was certainly the most adorable thing ever and a great creative idea for friends, cousins and siblings gathering together during the holidays.
At the kitchen counter, where the creative process began.
L-R: Ripley, Benjamin, Rosalie and Reese

Their opening night.

Posing for cameras at the opening.

They served sparkling water in real glasses during their opening.
"Free" ... as the invitation explained.

Their artwork.

More artwork ... and a few fabulous close-ups.

Drawing by Rosalie of the 5 cousins: L-R Rosalie, Benjamin, Ripley, Reese and Spencer


a. borealis said...

What a great idea!!

Kristi said...

Wow the art work is fabulous!!!

The only thing cuter is the kids!