Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kids are funny ... and amazing!

Ripley says to me yesterday as we were driving home from school, "Why is Santa Clause so funny?" I reply, "What do you mean?" (I'm thinking Ripley is referring to the silly red suit, or the ho, ho, ho's.) Ripley explains, "Why does he have people sit next to him?" Trying to contain my laughter at this point, I say, "Oh! You mean like at the mall?!" "Yes." Ripley confirms simply. "Well," I add "because he is famous and people want to take their picture with him." (I was sort-of grasping at straws on that one ... why do people take pictures next to Santa for heaven's sake???) "Well," Ripley concludes "to me, he is funny."
This morning before dropping Benjamin off at school, I stopped by the YMCA to see if I'd left my cell phone there. I've managed to misplace the silly thing. Unfortunately, it wasn't there. On our way out Benjamin notices two boxes of food for the local food pantry. In the boxes are your typical food stuffs but on the top is a big ole' box of Trix cereal. Benjamin says "TRIX Cereal!! Why would people give Trix cereal to poor people?! I think they would rather have a toothbrush!" I was so proud.
Benjamin has a very mathematical mind. A good brain all the way around really. We usually have a few minutes to wait in the school parking lot before he can be dropped off. So, we just chat about all kinds of things, which is great. While we were waiting this morning, all of a sudden Benjamin says "427 - 95 = 332" I look at him and he is staring at the telephone pole. On it are two metal numbers nailed to it: 427 and 95. Benjamin made a math equation out of it. He did this the other day with the digital clock on the stove. "Look! It's 3:47 -- 3+4=7!!"
Now, let me just add that this type of brain activity is the furthest thing not only from my mind but also from my desire. That I have a son that loves to crunch numbers in his head is mind boggling to me. I don't know what to do with the kid. He gets this brain power from his father. I told my brother Scott recently (another big numbers, science and logic thinker) that he needed to start challenging Benjamin's brain with math and science gymnastics -- because that part of his brain is truly beyond me. To say that Home Schooling this child is out of the question is an understatement. Amazing. I am so proud.


Kristi said...

I think my brain would blow up and sizzle if I had to think of numbers longer than 10 minutes at a time. Very smart child.

My daughter at the age of 4 decided that Santa couldn't be real. "There's one at every mall!", she announced.

geisme said...

@ Kristi- whoops about the Santa- hope my girls don't figure that one out yet.
Sandi, never say never in the homeschooling arena- that is when you have to rely on friends/others to help you out. :)
(can you tell I'm going to homeschool???)