Tuesday, December 9, 2008


These are the last of our Florida pictures that I'll bore you with. The pictures are just too cute not to include. Here we all are at a hoedown on the beach. One of my favorite parts of the whole event was figuring out what all of us were going to wear. As you can see, Victor has again embraced our crazy tendency to "dress-up" in costume - and he's looking good, might I add.

Ripley (in the background) was having a camera shy moment.
Victor, Me (my outfit is a little more revealing here than it actually was -- it had to be said) and Benjamin.

Victor and Ripley

My dance partner Benjamin.
Ripley ridin' on a pony
Cousins Rosalie, Ripley, Benjamin and Reese (with toy walkie-talkie in tow, as it was the entire evening)
Rosalie and Moose tearing up the dance floor.
This has got to be the cutest picture ever. Here is my 3 month old nephew Spencer with Cowboy Hat. Don't you just love the toothless gums?
Tanya in her butterfly cowboy boots and Reese with his walkie-talkie.
Born and raised below the mason-dixon line -- my parents are lookin' at home in their hoedown duds.

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