Monday, December 8, 2008

Our First Snow!

Snow Covered Dill
Yesterday we received our first snow of the season, totaling about 1 1/2 inches. Where we live, the warmer ocean water skirting around the Cape tend to limit our snowfall -- or turn it to rain and slush afterwards. This year, I'm hoping we get some snow that sticks for a few good sledding events! Even though our snow totals were less than 2 inches, we still managed to strap on the snow boots and pants, go for a little sled in the yard and build the obligatory snowman with carrot and coal. My cold frames are snug under the small layer of snow, which I'm planning on leaving in place through today because of very cold weather pushing through today. Eliot Coleman, author of Four Season Harvest, explains that snowfall can act as a great insulator when exceptionally cold weather is passing through. One of the nice things about living up north, is that we have a ready supply of holly, boxwood and pine boughs to decorate with.
As we are all busy with festivities of the season and merely trying to keep our housekeeping respectable, I'm going to continue talking about the subject after the new year. In particular -- projects and scheduling! I'll also tell you where I landed with my cleaning calendar (I'm still working the bugs out.) The first of the year is a great time to think about all of the organizing and de-cluttering projects you want to tackle. Where are your rat's nests? I'll tell you about mine, come January.
The winner of my first give-away ever was a friend of mine and fellow Community Covenant Church member "Amy". I delivered her orange earrings today. Congratulations Amy!

Snow covered Holly

Snow covered Leeks

Snugly snow covered Cold Frames


Amy said...

You should move to Attleboro if you like a lot of snow. Ours sticks around forever! I'm wearing my new earrings today!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how beautiful! That would be a record amount here although last year we did get that much the one time it snowed ; ) (We live in south-central Alabama) My 4 yr old keeps asking if it is going to snow again this year. I try to be optimistic yet realistic. The pictures were just beautiful! I hope Amy likes the earrings because I sure did.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog:)
I love the Holly picture!

Kristi said...

Very beautiful. We had an actual snow you could see almost four years ago here. Everyone went nuts, building tiny snowmen on the hoods of cars and generally running around like a bunch of lunatics. (It very very rarely snows here.) The following summer hurricane Katrina hit. Everyone blamed it on the snow. So no one wants snow now. Aren't people funny?