Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing with Dolls

My parents gave this to Ripley two Christmases ago. It's a tree house, and is extremely cool. Ripley likes to play with all of the gadgets -- the ladder, the "tire" swing, the winch, the bridge. However, when it comes to playing with the dolls that go with the tree house . . . 

His imagination and creativity is a little, well . . . you judge for yourself. These folks are apparently "sleeping" on the hammock. Am I doing something wrong as a parent?! Benjamin (9) used to do the same type of thing.
Now, Ripley knows how to play with individual jets and make them take-off from an aircraft carrier that we've had here since Benjamin was about 4. He doesn't cram them all into the hold and leave them there! I certainly haven't given them more examples of how to play with airplanes versus dolls. He has seen it and experienced it, so he pretends. Is this how my children view bedtime?! 

Every time I walk by these dolls, I giggle.


The Domestic Goddess said...

My boys played with my girls' dollhouse the other day....using dinosaurs as invaders instead of the dolls. Gotta be something genetic.

geisme said...

I was thinking that it was just a boy thing. :)

Sandy said...

In spite of our initial efforts to expose them to all kinds of things -- they still come out saying "That's for girls!!" when confronted with babies, anything pink, or anything even slightly suggestive of "princess" . . . gone are the beliefs I grew up with from the 70's. Boys are just different from girls and they come out that way -- it's not because we didn't give them the dolls (I've tried) in lieu of trucks, it's just because they automatically throw the dolls (or pile them up) and gravitate towards the trucks. At least that's my very unscientific study of two boys. :)