Thursday, January 15, 2009

Southeastern New Englanders are Wimps!

You have got to be kidding me. Today it is forecast to be 16 degrees along with 1-3 inches of snow. The Midwest is dealing with -20 to -40 degree temperatures and we, Southeastern New Englanders are canceling school. I'm baffled. We have furnaces in the schools, right? We have snow plows, right? What's the problem? I have to admit that when we see folks down south on the news skidding all over the roads and getting into pile-ups, we snicker a little up here. But places that don't have enough plows, sanders and salters to make the roads safe (and why would they, since snowfall is rare?) are at a big disadvantage. And drivers don't have the opportunity to learn how to drive in the snow. We however, have no excuse. We are wimps. It's official. Our fellow Northern New Englanders are laughing their butts off at us. It's an embarrassment. Allow me to say to the rest of the New Englanders out there who know how to deal with the cold and snow: We are sorry. We have let you down. It's hopeless, we are wimps. We are going to race off to the stores before the snow begins to fall today, all 3 inches of it, (with our children in tow, because there is no school) and purchase our obligatory loaf of bread and gallon of milk. It's all we know. It's what we do. Send us down south where we belong. (Then we'd no doubt complain about the heat, the humidity, the snakes and the bugs.)


lborg said...


I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I enjoy reading your blog ... in fact, your "how to make greek yogurt" inspired me to try it after doing a google search about it about a month ago. I'm now keeping up with it and seem to have to make it all the time because my husband and I love it! : )

My first time was a flop, as I was just left with liquid, ha, the second time it set up but not as I would have liked and I've tweaked it to where it seems to be turning out every time now ... yay! After experiemnting I pretty much follow your recipe to a tee, except I let it sit in my gas oven (off, of course) instead of using heating pads. So thanks for sharing : )

(By the way, the high here in Missouri is 6 degrees and when I left for work it was about -5 ... I don't know if school was cancelled here, I just know work, of course, was not ; ) haha)

Kristi said...

It was in the 30's here in New Orleans last night. At 7:00 am it had already made it into the 40's.

Come on New Englanders, we didn't even cancel school for our snow in December last month! :)

Hope you stay warm.

Sandy said...

Kristi - Exactly! Especially in light of your recent post, you've proven your durability. We on the other hand . . . :)
lborg - Thanks for reading! Do you have any suggestions for my recipe? I hate that you had to try a couple times for success. Way to be persistent!

Tanya said...

I too was shocked and confused as to why schools would be cancelled. 16 degrees is not that unusual for us. I thought maybe I missed some big news flash about a blizzard. I think it is all an over reaction because of those kids that got stuck on the Providence school buses last year. Lucky for us Montessorri school stayed open so Rosalie could bring in her homemade mini pumpkin muffins to celebrate her birthday with her class.

lborg said...

Yum, that does sound wonderful!!

There's not much better than the smell of freshly baking or baked bread. (Ha, except eating it while it's all nice and warm!) I actually used to bake a lot of whole wheat bread quite frequently but haven't in awhile. (You'll have to let me know when you post that recipe, I would love to see it).

Lately we've been eating different kinds of Ezekiel bread. (in case you haven't heard of it ... ... my husband's a big fan of the bread made out of sprouted grains and no flour. I think we're actually going to try to make some sprouted grain bread sometime soon, so I'm excited to see how it turns out!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Rosalie! Can't believe that she's 5. Good grief.

geisme said...

Nice post. If you were wondering what to do with that obligatory loaf of bread, hop over to the-domestic-goddess & check out her post last month for Baked French toast. IT IS YUMMY!!! I think it is going to become a Christmas tradition here. :)
I'd do the linky thing, but I'm not very good at it.