Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ripley Comments & Benjamin Swims

As I've mentioned, it's been snowy around here. Typically when we get snow, within a few days it is gone. The warm water off the coast invariably turns on coming precipitation to bone chilling sleet and rain. Usually our winters are filled with slush. So, it's been lovely to have a lasting winter wonderland over the past two weeks. However, on our way home from school yesterday Ripley exclaims "I don't even know how the ground is doing!" The poor guy, he was wondering about the grass. What's happening under there?! 

Then, we stopped by the mailbox as we pulled into our driveway. Ripley received a lovely invitation to his cousin Rosalie's 5th Birthday Party. I've mentioned that Rosalie is the only girl on both sides of her family, but she is girl enough for everyone. She loves to dance, and watch Russian ballets, so it was no surprise that the invitation had a hand colored ballerina on the front. It read at the end "children should dress to dance". After hearing that, Ripley says "But I don't have anything to dance in! I don't even have a dress to wear." He was under the impression that if he wanted "in" on the party he had to go sporting dancing attire -- the way his cousin Rosalie sees dancing attire. Ripley was actually considering if this was worth the sacrifice. He seemed very relieved when I let him know that he wasn't required to wear a dress and that he could dance in anything he wanted. "How about Superman?" referring to his costume. Sure, that would be fine, I said. 

Rosalie: The Princess Ballerina of our family

On Saturday, Benjamin had a swim meet. His team is a small low key group, which is nice. He loves it, has a great time, and gets plenty of exercise without the stress and pressure of a more hard core competitive team. 
Here he is (on the right) cheering for his team with two of his friends Kyle and Jeffrey.
Getting ready (Benjamin's on the right)
And taking off!

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