Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rosalie is 5!

My niece Rosalie just turned 5. She loves to dance, so for her birthday party a teacher came and taught a ballet class. What a wonderful idea. The grown-ups seemed to be enjoying all of the adorable photo-op moments, and as you can see, the girls were loving every minute.

Everyone was told to come "dressed to dance". Ripley decided he was going to wear "cute clothes" which entails a button down shirt of some kind and non-sports related shoes. 
Tanya and I both received these "cupcake trees" for Christmas from my parents. Aren't these pink cupcakes adorable?
The boys were encouraged to participate in the dance lesson -- we explained that ballet is a very athletic sport, and that sportsmen of all kinds practice ballet to strengthen and increase their flexibility.
However, although the boys enjoyed watching the ballerinas, overall, they were not impressed. 

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Maria Fernanda said...

I can't believe Rosalie is 5 now! I can still remember Tanya being pregnant with her.

She looks so beautiful as a ballerina!!!